Letters have been sent home explaining that students have credit recovery hours to make-up either due to failing core subjects during 1st semester OR due to excessive absences (missing more than 8 days, excused or unexcused, a semester).

Failure to meet 1st semester credit needs and maintain current positive academic/attendance standing will result in SUMMER SCHOOL.

If you would like to make an appeal to explain the reasoning and cause of excessive absences, you may do so by one of the following option:

  1. Complete the google form:
  2. Download and type or print. Email to sapna.patel@dvisd.net or send with student to front office.

At the beginning of each month, an attendance committee will come together to review any appeal letters to determine special circumstances that may have caused a student to miss an excessive number of days of school. The committee will decide if the number of credit recovery hours should stay as assigned, be reduced in number, or be eliminated altogether.

If you have any questions please email sapna.patel@dvisd.net or call and leave a message at 512-386-3534.