Be an Ojeda Hero!

Ojeda Middle School uses Hero to keep track of student activity in the school such as tardies, hallway disruption, dress code, and others. Hero is also used to schedule LOP (lunch detention), after school detention, and in-school suspension.

Check the mail for your Hero letter

You should have received a letter in mid March with a key code and instructions for accessing Hero.

Parents and guardians will need the student ID and guardian key code to see student information.
Click on the sample to the left to locate those items on the letter you received.

Please visit for step-by-step instructions to get started using Hero today!

If you need your guardian key code or for more information about how to use the Hero website or app, contact Campus Instructional Technology Carol Pennington at or by phone at (512)-386-3500 ext. 7661.

For more information about tardies, after school detentions, student IDs, and more, please see our campus policies. To speak with an assistant principal, find their contact information here.